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Open Access to Arthur De Vany’s Site

Scottish Borders in Winter

Scottish Borders in Winter

Arthur De Vany has opened access to his blog and articles that normally require a subscription. Take advantage of this now since it’s only for a limited time. 

I am opening temporary access to my private blog for awhile as we migrate both the open and the private blogs to our new site.

I will disable this open access later. Enjoy. If you like what you see, then you can subscribe later when the new site is up and running. 

To login to the private blog go to LOGIN in the header, click and when you are asked for a Username enter Art and use the Password EFit.

De Vany has a range of interesting articles on fitness and health, most of them based on what he calls Evolutionary Fitness. He contends that our current lifestyle is that of a lab animal, rather than that of a wild creature.  We should be living like our hunter-gatherer ancestors, eating meat and vegetables, fruit and berries. We should avoid grains and processed foods.

On the exercise front he recommends short intense weight workouts, sprint sessions and play. And it seems to work – at 70 he looks as good as men half his age. Have a look at the pictures on his website.

An article in the Sunday Times by Bryan Appleyard covers the views of De Vany better than I ever could. Or look at De Vany’s website for more information from the man himself. In particular check out his essay on Evolutionary Fitness in the subscribers section.

Workout: Single DB Farmers walk, DB deadlifts, handstand push-ups, L sits 

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