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What is Your Training Philosophy?



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I just read a thought provoking article by Alwyn Cosgrove entitled Developing a Training Philosophy. I have a high regard for Alwyn’s writing in general, but I particularly liked this one. He discusses the need for a trainer to have certain principles that they base their training upon. 

It made me think about what kind of trainer I will be, and the direction that I will take over the next few years.

What is my training philosophy?

I don’t want to be pigeonholed as “The Crossfit Guy” or “The KettleBell Guy”. At the moment I’m trying a lot of stuff, but I’m not wed to any one programme or tool. At the moment the closest to a philosophy is  “Use what works”. 

The following are some concepts that I’m currently using in my training:

  • Compound movements above isolation exercises
  • Free weights before machines
  • Correct form before adding weight

This is a topic I’ll think about over more over the next few weeks and I’m sure I will refer to again in the future.

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