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Why I’m Traveling to Birmingham for a Personal Training Course

by allygirl520

by allygirl520

It’s a rather chilly evening (code for sleet and snow) in the UK and I’m on the plane flying down to Birmingham for a Personal Training Course. For the next few days I will be covering the snappily named Health Screening and Fitness Assessment module as part of the Lifetime Diploma in Personal Training.

I’m more than a little aggrieved that I have to travel across the country in order to do this course. When I signed up for the course last year in September I knew that I would have to complete about half of the modules in 2009. However I was assured by the staff at that although their schedule wasn’t finalised the remaining modules would be run in Edinburgh early in 2009. 

Part of the reason that I chose Lifetime for my Personal Training Diploma was that they ran Edinburgh courses which meant I could avoid travel and accomodation costs. All the candidates in Scotland feel the same way, and booked on the basis that they would be able to complete the whole Diploma without major travel headaches.

So when the long awaited schedule was released, I was more than a little annoyed to see that not only was the first module in Edinburgh not until March, but there were a number of modules that simply were not scheduled in Edinburgh at all. Since Paola and I will be leaving the UK at the beginning of March, I have had no choice but to arrange all my remaining modules in whatever locations are available throughout the UK.

This means that not only will I attend a two day course in Birmingham over the next few days, I will travel to London for a two day course at the end of February, and fly back down to Birmingham for a day to sit exams! My carbon footprint will be just a little less than that of China by the time I’ve finished.

Update: After talking to the trainer at the course today, he has informed me that there will shortly be a trainer working full time in Edinburgh. It’s too late for me, but it will certainly make life easier for those based in Scotland.

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